Main Control Room

Main recording, mixing, and mastering room. This is the place where many of our productions get the final touch. It is equipped with a comfy sofa where you can relax and enjoy watching and commenting on the movie. We also have a matching popcorn machine. ;)

Technical stuff:
  • Accurate sync to picture displayed on a big screen, Full HD, LED monitor
  • 5.1 mixing and monitoring with Genelec 1031A + Genelec 7070 subwoofer
  • Acoustically treated by Eora Sound Engineering
  • Computer power from two custom built XI-Machines and a Mac
  • Nice, analog outboard, such as UAD 1776, Lexicon and preamps by API, SSL and Harrison
  • Easy hands-on-mixing and DAW-control is done with Nucleus
  • Mixing with the power of SSL’s legendary sound tools, UAD, Algorithmix, FabFilter, BrainWorx, Oxford and others
  • Editing and syncing to picture is done in SSL Soundscape. Midi is handled by Logic Pro X. Reaper is used for additional tasks and ProTools is used for compatibility
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