Johan Strömberg

Fredrik Lidin

Thomas Hagby

Stefan Sporsén

We always aim to express something meaningful, beautiful, relevant and hopefully, personal with our music. That is the goal and what really drives us in everything we do. We are truly passionate about making good music.

We like to work together, but we can work just as well individually, depending on the project at hand. Either way, we always have the creative support of the group, which is very helpful for a successful end result. Each of us have different skills that completes each other, thus making our collective capacity very strong. We have composed music scores to film and television since 1998. In these projects our assignment has been to tell the “unseen story” with music, e.g. emphasize emotions, build expectations, frighten and surprise.

We are intrigued by the art of storytelling and want help the director and producer to express their story musically. Which mood and what meaning should the music have? Where should it start and stop? When should there be silence? We can also help you with source music, such as music in restaurants and clubs, songs on radio and tunes that are performed by the actors. Our previous experience and understanding of sound design (foley, SFX, atmosphere, etc) can be helpful in the scoring process. We like to cooperate and correspond with the post-production sound department, to make sure that our efforts doesn’t collide.

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