Live Recording Room

This is obviously where most of the recording takes place. Plenty of room for a five-piece band to sweat out some great music. It has a very tight sound with a short but balanced ambience. Adjacent you’ll find two smaller booths for separated audio sources during recording sessions. Audio connections to all studios are installed for flexible setups. The room is also blessed with plenty of sunlight…

Technical Stuff:
  • Acoustically treated with diffusors and absorbents
  • Microphones such as AKG (C414), Schoeps (CMC-64 & CMC-65), Neumann (TLM170, USM69, TLM103, KM184), Sennheiser (MD421, E906, E904, MKH 416), Heil Sound (PR 40), Gefell (UMT170S), Shure (BETA 91A, SM7 B, BETA52, SM57, SM58), Beyerdynamic (TG I50d), Electro-Voice (RE320)
  • 4 x 8ch individual monitoring
  • Lots of microphone stands and custom-made quality cables ;)
Apparat_Studios_LiveRoom_2013_25a_small-756 Apparat_Studios_LiveRoom_2013_01a