We try to make the place as functional and creative as possible.


Main recording, mixing, and mastering room. This is the place where many of our productions get the final touch. It is equipped with a comfy sofa where you can relax and enjoy watching and commenting on the movie. We also have a matching popcorn machine. ;)

Technical stuff:
  • Accurate sync to picture displayed on a big screen, Full HD, LED monitor
  • 5.1 mixing and monitoring with Genelec 1031A + Genelec 7070 subwoofer
  • Acoustically treated by Eora Sound Engineering
  • Computer power from two custom built XI-Machines and a Mac
  • Nice, analog outboard, such as UAD 1776, Lexicon and preamps by API, SSL and Harrison
  • Easy hands-on-mixing and DAW-control is done with Nucleus
  • Mixing with the power of SSL’s legendary sound tools, UAD, Algorithmix, FabFilter, BrainWorx, Oxford and others
  • Editing and syncing to picture is done in SSL Soundscape. Midi is handled by Logic Pro X. Reaper is used for additional tasks and ProTools is used for compatibility


This is obviously where most of the recording takes place. Plenty of room for a five-piece band to sweat out some great music. It has a very tight sound with a short but balanced ambience. Adjacent you’ll find two smaller booths for separated audio sources during recording sessions. Audio connections to all studios are installed for flexible setups. The room is also blessed with plenty of sunlight…

Technical Stuff:
  • Acoustically treated with diffusors and absorbents
  • Microphones such as AKG (C414), Schoeps (CMC-64 & CMC-65), Neumann (TLM170, USM69, TLM103, KM184), Sennheiser (MD421, E906, E904, MKH 416), Heil Sound (PR 40), Gefell (UMT170S), Shure (BETA 91A, SM7 B, BETA52, SM57, SM58), Beyerdynamic (TG I50d), Electro-Voice (RE320)
  • 4 x 8ch individual monitoring
  • Lots of microphone stands and custom-made quality cables ;)


The ProTools suite. The place for music editing and mixing. Music’s being mixed either ”in-the-box” with ProTools or with the help of some nice hardware outboard, such as the Studer console.

Technical Stuff:
  • Mac Pro
  • ProTools HD
  • Roister monitors
  • Studer 12ch analog console


Studio for smaller projects and composition. This is a place for working fast and quickly realize musical ideas. It can also serve as a fast editing/mockup studio, when reviewing cues in the main control room. It allows us to work in parallell. For example; During a spotting session in the Main Control Room, one of us can use this studio to produce fast mockups of the ideas discussed. These mockups are then sent to the Main Control Room for further review and/or approval. A very efficent workflow.

Technical Stuff:
  • Logic Pro X and SSL Soundscape
  • Vienna Symphonic Library
  • API & RME pre-amps
  • Genelec 8030 monitoring


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